Pearlcard exist to help those who want to enjoy life to the fullest, those who relish its unique moments and new experiences, but lack the time due to everyday activities. 

“The search for happiness, enrichment and meaning, with a focus on comfort, quality and speed”.

Challenges we fixed

Customer Data

Customer data stored in various programs but not in a central system


Difficulty with casting and activity planning


Many hours were spent on reporting


Manual copying data from the website database to Outlook


User Adoption within the company

The Solution

By implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pearlcard has accomplished a central application with all the available customer data which gives a clear overview. Pro-activity and the need to know everything about the clients, gives Pearlcard the high standard to fulfill their services like travel, lifestyle, concierge, healthcare, design, events and many more.

Knowing the clients interests, hobbies and preferences, for instance Pearcard can offer the right concert tickets or can organize the best events. A simple birthday alert and an overdue ID card alert, gives Pearlcard a personal touch in relationship management. Management has much more insight about the progress of the organization of several events, like the location, the goodie bags, entertainment, invitations and staff.

By using standard reporting, less manual copying of data and less time to search for data in various systems, Pearlcard is focusing on insights obtained from the overviews from Salesforce, so that employees are better supported to perform and processes are improved.

Customer Experience

The implementation went really smoothly. We are really glad that we have the opportunity to work with OSH. Salesforce helps us with our trade missions and all personal information about our guests.”
Private Label Sales Manager, Pearlcard